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The day the laptop died

standard November 4, 2007 5 responses

Call it karma, call it fate, heck, call it irony… but tonight my laptop died. It was having trouble connecting to the Internet so I restarted it… and… euh… it didn’t restart. System Error. Load Windows CD to run repair.

Now I don’t know about you, but we are not the most organized people in the world, and, ahem, we have NO CLUE as to where said Windows System CD might be located. And right now I’m too dejected to go forage in the office to see if I can find it. Plus, what if it doesn’t work? I can’t bear to think about that.

I hear some of you asking the all important question… And no, no I haven’t backed up my laptop in a bazillion years. I’ve been thinking about it alllll week, but I never got around to pulling out the external drive and connecting it. So we stand to lose about a year’s worth of pictures and, of course, the fledgling novel.

Karma? Fate? Irony? Don’t know. All I know is, if you just dumped a cup of coffee all over someone else’s laptop you’d better back up your own.

[A rare interjection by the hubby: Please give nice comments to my wife for she is very very sad about the whole computer thing (understandably). Maybe someone will pray to the right computer god and we will find the recovery CD and fix the computer. That is all.]

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5 responses

  • I am so sorry about the laptop! I will make a sacrifice to the computer gods for you.

  • Ooh, what poor luck! 🙁

    If you can’t get the laptop working, let me know. S used to work on hard drives, so he may be able to get your files & pictures off.

  • You most likely haven’t loss any of your valuable files yet. They are still there on the drive.

    If you know someone with a bootable Linux CDROM you can boot your laptop from the CD and retrieve all of those valuable files.

  • Oh you poor thing! That happened me about a year ago and I lost some of my best ever photos. I was devastated. I really hope you find your disk and get your lap-top repaired and make sure you backup next time! My hard-drive was beyond repair and I never did get my things back although I still live in hope and occasionally give it a thump!
    And no, I didn’t learn my lesson and still don’t backup nearly often enough!

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