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Telle mere, telle fille (Like mother like daughter)

standard November 14, 2007 3 responses

“Chroooo la la la la!”
“Mammy? What you saying about?”
“That car! It just pulled in front of me out of nowhere!”
“But what you saying?”
“Oh. Chrooo la la la la! It’s what my mommy says all the time.”
“Oh. lalalala!”


“Ow!” The brush catches on a tangle.
“Sorry baby. I’m being as gentle as possible.”
“Ow!” Another tangle.
“Ow! Mammy! Ow!”
“I know baby, I know baby… but you have to suffer to be beautiful.”
“Mammy? What you saying about?”
“It’s just something my mommy used to say.”


My mother lives on the other side of the world. We try to see each other once a year. We talk two or three times a week. It’s not enough, but it’s OK because she’s by my side every day. I can hear her groan at the triteness of that statement all the way from France, but it’s true. It’s true, because my mom? She’s in my head. ALL THE TIME.

When I go shopping I take her with me and I can see her face frowning when she doesn’t like something. When I cook dinner I try to imitate her carefree style; a dash of this, a smidgen of that, yum, perfect. When I play music in the kitchen and dance with C and Little L I remember doing the same thing with her when I was a child. And when I reach for desert I can hear her say “Oh, me, I don’t eat sweets.” I still have desert, but I smile when I hear that in my head!

I value my mother’s opinions. I want to hear her voice. She’s always been my strongest supporter, my loudest cheerleader. I hate that she’s so far away. I hate that she never gets to see my children. But I love that I carry her around with me wherever I go. And I love that I’m starting to sound like her, because if I can be half the mother that she’s been then my kids will be very, very lucky.

This post was inspired by a writing challenge listed at the Mom’s Secret Group of Awesome Blogging Power over at Cafe Mom… Want to join in? It’s easy. Let us know: Are you becoming your mom or dad?

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3 responses

  • It’s brutal isn’t it? Mother and daughter relationships are love-hate relationships. I find myself sounding and acting like my Mom as I became a Mom.

  • Lovely post. Your daughter is so lucky to be getting those little pearls of generational wisdom!

    By the way, I wanted to thank you for tagging me for the “Seven Things” meme. I may have to wait awhile before doing it, though, because I just did it a few weeks ago 😉

  • That’s so sweet! Every once in a while I’ll hear something come out of my mouth and I could SWEAR my mother had snuck into the room. 🙂

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