Remember when?

standard November 27, 2007 9 responses

Remember when sleeping in meant not getting up before noon?

Remember when a date wasn’t automatically dinner and a movie?

Remember when you thought your parents were silly to clean the house top to bottom before friends came for dinner?

Remember when you could spend hours on the phone with the same person, talking about nothing?

Remember when Saturday mornings were for cartoons?

Remember when you had to wait to get your pictures developed before you could find out if they’d turned out well?

Remember when you couldn’t pause TV?

Remember when you had time to read, and write, and knit, and cook, and be with your significant other, and STILL get a full night’s sleep?

Remember when gas didn’t cost an arm and a leg?

Remember when there weren’t blogs?

What do you remember?

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9 responses

  • I remember when TV shows were in black & white.
    I remember when we listened to sports on the radio.
    I remember when children didn’t talk back to their parents (okay, maybe that one I dreamt).

    Cheers, Elizabeth at A Wild Ride

  • Stop, stop it hurts.
    I remember when dinner meant walking into the dining room and having it all cooked and waiting to eat.
    I remember when being in the car meant staring out the window and daydreaming.
    I remember when staying up until 2am was a fun thing.

  • I remember listening to records (that’s music on vinyl).

    I remember when I spoke and what I said made sense because I either (a) was talking to another adult or (b) wasn’t trying to say it so fast or through so many interruptions that it became nonsensical.

    Hi. I’m your blog exchange partner. 🙂

    Using My Words

  • I remember when we had to go to a friend’s house to FINALLY see the “yellow brick road” in COLOR!

    I remember when the big deal in typing class was getting to work on an electric typewriter!

    I remember when typewriter correction wasn’t done by a separate little white tape.


    I remember 8 track tapes!

  • Fun post.

    I remember when we just went outside and played.
    I remember playing Pong and being really, really excited about it.
    I remember my professor asking, “How many people own a VCR?” and only a few people raising their hands.
    I remember when gas stations were only full service (you couldn’t pump your own).
    I remember when there were no ATMs.

  • Thanks for the reminders. I do remember:)

  • I remember when radio meant AM. WABC, and the “instant replay-play-play.”

    I remember when cars didn’t automatically come with air conditioning.

    I remember playing jacks.

    I remember Tiger Beat Magazine, and how every issue had either Michael Jackson, Donny Osmond or David Cassidy (my personal lovemonkey) on the cover.

    God I could go on and on. But at my age I have to rest between comments.

  • Fancy 3-year old birthday dresses

    Hot pants? Bell bottoms? Candie’s shoes>

    Costs for a long distance phone call

    Carbon paper

    Bedtime in the summer, even if the sun was still up

    Sharing bedrooms

    Plastic on living room furniture

    I’m going to be up all night now!

  • Remember when new music was actually listenable?

    The Egel Nest

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