Money, money, money…

standard November 5, 2007 2 responses

“Yes, baby?”
“D’as a quater?”
“Yup, that’s a quarter.”
C has upended a box of change on the floor. She’s sorting coins and putting them into her piggy bank.
“And dat? Dat’s a penny?”
“Uh…” I peer down from my perch on the couch to see what she’s holding up. “Yes. Yes, that’s a penny.”
“And dat one?”
“Yup, that one too.”
“And dis is a diamond!” C holds up another coin triumphantly.
“Hun?” I look up again from the gripping blog I’m reading. “A what?”
“A diamond!”
“Ah. No, baby. That’s a dime. Not a diamond.”

This post was inspired by this week’s Sunday Scribblings prompt “Money.” Click here for more great entries.

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