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Left and Right

standard November 11, 2007 7 responses

“Mamma, I don’t want to hold that hand, I want to hold the right one.”
“I’m sorry?” I looked at C incredulously. “You want which hand?”
“The right hand. That one!” C said, pointing confidently to my right hand.
“Wait a second. Baby, hold up your left hand.”
C held up her left hand.
“OK. Hold up your right hand.”
C held up her right hand.
“Mamma, I want to hold your right hand.”
“Sure thing, baby, sure thing.”

A few more tests and I had to concede. My two year old baby knows her left from her right.
Now what I want to know is this: If at two she knows things that I still have trouble mastering… what does that mean for our future?

This post was inspired by the Sunday Scribblings prompt Left & Right. Click here for more great entries.

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7 responses