Keep those fingers crossed

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I had a micro meltdown and insisted that we find someone who could fix my laptop as soon as possible. M negged the Geek Squad and insisted we go with someone he was less embarrassed to call. I accused him of not loving me enough, things got ugly, and in the end I found a different place on Yelp. (Love Yelp.) We dropped off the laptop last night and received the verdict this morning.

Wrecked hard-drive.
On a one year old laptop.
The reason? These things “just happen.”

They could have fixed it right then and there by putting in a much larger hard-drive, but I really didn’t feel the need to have a ton more storage space. More space? For more data? So I could lose more information? No thanks.

Actually, I’m jumping to conclusions. The data may not all be lost. They are working hard to retrieve my pictures and documents. I’ll know tomorrow if anything was salvageable. Pretty please keep your fingers crossed; it would really break my heart to lose everything.

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