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It’s the little things that count

standard November 20, 2007 4 responses

The New Girl is purloining posts right and left, so it’s only fair that I’m purloining this one from her… or I guess from her… I don’t know… I’m confused now…


Underrated Pleasures

Checking a favorite blog and finding a new post.
I know I could just sign up for RSS feeds, but what’s the fun in that? I love the moment of wait as the blog loads.

Finding that the flavored coffee of the day is hazelnut.
It’s sad, and so very uncool, but I love me some flavored coffee, especially hazelnut. Yum.

Discovering a book by your favorite author that you didn’t know about.
You walk into the book store and browse and check, just in case, and there, on the shelf, is a book, by that author. You’ve never seen it before. It’s the only one you’ve never read. Sheer bliss.

Opening a brand new book and loving the first page.
Some books promise so much and don’t pay out. And then, some books are all that and then more. You read a paragraph, and another, and the writing is amazing, and the story grips you, and you lean back into the cushions and relax, ready for a good long read.

Warm sleepy children snug in bed between their mommy and daddy on weekend mornings.
Little L nurses in bed and M gets up with C. After they have breakfast they climb back onto bed and we turn on the TV so she can be entertained while M goes back to sleep. I love opening my eyes and seeing my whole little family snug in bed with me.

Picking something new and delicious off a well known menu.
You’re at the same old restaurant and for once a different and untried dish catches your eye. You hesitate and decide, what the hell, might as well try something new. The plate comes and it smells amazing. Even better, it tastes awesome.

Getting a real letter or postcard in the mail.
You reach into the mailbox and pull out a stack of envelopes. At first glance they all seem to be legal sized with computer labels, then, in the middle of the pile, a different shape, a handwritten address, it’s a real letter, from a friend, just saying hi.

And last, but definitely not least, when you really, really have to pee… and you finally sit on the toilet… and you can relax and let go…
OK. Sorry to be so crass. But come on! Isn’t that the best feeling ever?

Tell me, what are your underrated pleasures?
Please share, it’ll cheer me up tomorrow as I face my first day back at work after a lovely, but all too short, three months home with my baby.

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4 responses

  • I love these! The first three are ones I could’ve included in mine but didn’t think of! I already stole it once, though.

    Hope the going back to work is smooth and painless.

  • For me, one of them is that moment when, at about 5:45pm, I finally am out of my work clothes (and bra, because damn) and I sit on the couch and push back the recliner. Just the feel of the cushions wrapping around me, instead of the hard office chair or the hard car seat, and I’m in heaven. It doesn’t last long, because I’m up and down, but that first few moments is wonderful.

  • It’s like I started a meme!

    That discovering-a-new-book sensation is wonderful – and so rare now that we have online retailers that stock even out-of-print titles. Before there was Internet, I was an inveterate used-book-store searcher, looking for buried treasure.

  • Hmm, how about putting your PJs on after the kids are in bed and stretching out on the couch with a cup of chamomile tea and some blog reading? (As I’m doing now 😉

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