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Hey, look at that! Turns out I’m a grown-up after all!

standard November 10, 2007 3 responses

I glanced into the coffee shop as I drove past looking for a parking spot. There, behind the counter, the young owner of the laptop I dunked in my coffee last week. I watched him for a moment. Who would have guessed that he worked there? I hesitated before pulling the car into a vacant spot. Actually, no, let’s be honest here, I put the car in reverse and almost pulled out of the spot I was halfway pulled into.

I sat in the car, gearshift in reverse and I actually considered what other coffee shops with free wireless I could head to for an hour or two before going to pick up C. And then… And then I realized I was being ridiculous.

“Grow up, Rose!” I admonished myself as I parked the car. I got the stroller out and loaded up the baby, the diaper bag, and my laptop. And I walked in there holding my head up high. I smiled, ordered my coffee, and made small talk with the guy. I even told him about my own computer woes. And then. And then I sat down and I got to work.

I didn’t run scared. I didn’t hide like I wanted. I acted like a grown-up. Apparently there’s hope for me yet.

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