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For this I give thanks

standard November 23, 2007 Leave a response

Happy Thanksgiving to all, an to all lots of love.
I hope you all had the turkey (or tofurkey) of your dreams and that the love flowed as fast and bountifully as the wine. Mmmm wine.

I wrote a lovely post all about the things I am thankful for (and I am glad this holiday is almost over because try as I may I just can’t figure out the right way to word that phrase), but it’s posted over here, and I’m too tired and full of the above mentioned wine, and ok, fine, just too darn lazy, to repeat all the lovely things I’ve already said. So pretty please, hop on over there and read my beautiful post and leave comments and lots of other goodness.

And please, pretty please, believe me, when I say that I am incredibly thankful for all you wonderful amazing readers. It means a lot to me that you keep on coming back to see what little ol‘ me has to say.

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