At least my head is attached

standard November 28, 2007 5 responses

“What did you forget mammy?” C’s cute little face peers up at me from her car seat.
“Nothing!” I say proudly. “Today, mammy didn’t forget anything!”
Just in case, as I buckle myself in, I do a mental review; pump, pump parts, diaper bag, C’s sippy cup, laptop, purse, baby, toddler… nope, all there. I give myself a mental pat on the back and head north towards the daycare.

A half hour later I pull into the parking lot at work. I start to unload my massive amount of stuff. And that’s when I realize that my lunch, the one I lovingly packed last night, the one I was going to really enjoy, the one that was snug in my lunch-box with all my allotted snacks for the day, my lunch is still in the fridge at home.

Guess mommy didn’t remember everything today.
But at least I don’t have to pack a lunch for tomorrow.

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