When communications go awry

standard October 27, 2007 4 responses

M and I pride ourselves on reading each other’s minds and always knowing what the other is thinking. Sometimes we’re very, very wrong.

Me: Hon? What time are you coming home?
Him: Don’t know. The usual time I guess.
Me: Oh.
Him: Yeah.
Me: Secretly, you know what I’m asking, right?
Him: Yeah.
Me: So?
Him: Yeah.
Me: Are you saying yeah is the answer?
Him: Yeah.
Me: Dude! You are DA MAN!
Him: Oh. Wait! Maybe we aren’t talking about the same thing.
Me: Oh, you can’t go pick up C from daycare?
Him: Oh. No. I thought you were asking if we could go to McDonalds for dinner.
Me: Wow. We were really on different pages there. Wow.
Him: Yeah. So? Can we?
Me: I am so blogging this…

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