The Weekend to end all Weekends

standard October 22, 2007 1 response

“What an insane weekend this was.” I commented to M as we wrestled the girls out of their clothes. It’s the last fight I had in me. If either child had put up a fuss the bath would have been forfeited, smell be damned.
“Yeah! It pretty much rocked!” He replied, beaming, as he handed me the naked squirming baby. I was so surprised I just stood there for a minute, before Little L started protesting about hanging in mid air.

I plopped her into the tub next to her sister and thought about our crazy weekend, he was right, from his perspective it did rock! Friday was his birthday and I went out of my way to make it special. Saturday we spent some quality family time at Weight Watchers and then Target. We went to a fun birthday party for one of C’s daycare buddies, and ended the evening at a seriously cool magic show. (There was a mentalist! and jokes! and card tricks! and lots and lots of drinks! and no kids! It rocked.) Today we taught Sunday school, had lunch, a family nap, and ended the day with an outing to the park and a pasta dinner. Three fun packed days of hugs, love, and laughter, punctuated with great food and good wine.

I spent Friday running around doing errands and making dinner. Saturday, corralling the children, dealing with C’s mounting clinginess, shopping for toddler birthday presents, nursing Little L, and not napping. Saturday night I managed to get all of three hours of sleep, and Sunday I taught a class of 4 year olds and dealt with even more of C’s clinginess.

But there was also a lot of hugs, love and good food and wine. So, yeah, it was a great weekend. But I am pretty psyched that tomorrow is Monday, that I don’t have to get up, and that the only person I’m spending the day with doesn’t know how to speak or whine. I need a week to recover from our marathon weekend.

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    Who babysat? The In Laws and Both Girls?

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