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The couch strikes again

standard October 19, 2007 6 responses

M was in trial close to home for almost a week, making me the defacto daycare dropper off-er. So for almost a week Little L and I had to get out of bed and face the big scary world long before our usual time. Did you all know that there are people out and about before 2pm? I had totally forgotten.

For four days we were meeting people, having coffee with friends, going to the grocery store, and walking, all before noon! Yesterday M’s case settled and all of a sudden we didn’t have to get up any more. So, this morning, we waved M and C off and settled back into the warm bed. I closed my eyes and instantly lost my hold on the day.

We didn’t get up very late, but I still was unable to shower before noon, and we didn’t make it out of the house until almost three. The laundry wasn’t folded, the dishwasher wasn’t filled. All in all, I barely managed to get some dates on the book club’s calendar and make one piddly doctor’s appointment (which I’m going to have to change because I scheduled it in the middle of my weekly walk).

I think the couch is now exerting it’s influence on Little L. When we are out and about she’s more than happy to go three hours between feeds. But when we are at home she wants to eat every time we sit down on the couch. It’s the primary reason we don’t get anything done all day. She snacks, falls asleep, wakes up when I move, snacks, falls asleep… etc, etc, etc…

I need to break the cycle and get us out and about earlier in the day. It might mean showering before I eat, or even getting out before I shower. We’ve had a lovely, relaxing three months, but I think it’s time we get our act together and fight the pull of the couch. If we don’t, getting back into a work routine is going to be brutal. I’m pretty sure the lovely people I work for won’t let me roll in at 3 and leave at 5…

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6 responses