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Sometimes all it takes is a change of scene

standard October 26, 2007 3 responses

Having been on maternity leave once before, I knew that I would be pretty busy. However, having been on maternity leave once before, I also knew that I would not be as busy as I was the first time around. After all, how could spending all day caring for one newborn not be easier than working full time while caring for a toddler?

Unlike my first maternity leave I didn’t make grandiose plans for my three months off. With C there were a million things that I wanted to accomplish and I got exactly none of them done. She was my first baby and I honestly don’t know what I did with all those work free days.

This time around I had one plan, more one goal really; I wanted to get some writing done. (I know, I know, I sound like a broken record. Writing seems to be my current obsession. ) For almost three months all I managed to do was read about writing and write a blog entry every day. Then I stumbled on The Other Mother and I wrote something different. And then on Tuesday I went to coffee with a new friend and I found a place that makes me want to write.

It’s just a coffee shop. Nothing special. But they serve decent coffee and there’s a nice ambiance; Lots of people sitting around working on their computers, music quietly playing in the background. There’s an air of productivity, like a library, but more fun.

I’ve been back every day since Tuesday. I’m drawn to their wooden tables like a moth to a burning light. I feel a little guilty that I’m taking up space and only buying a cup of coffee, but it doesn’t seem to bother the owners in the least. They know all the patrons by name, and I’ve already spotted some regulars. I’ve been leaving some large tips and I’m hoping that Little L’s smiles are enough to keep me in their good graces because I fully intend to be one of the people whose names they know.

It turns out that I just really needed a change of scenery in order to free the words. For three days now I’ve been writing and liking what comes out. I’ve even revived the novel I started last year. And even if nothing I produce has any value whatsoever, it doesn’t matter, if feels good, really good, to finally be doing what I’ve been putting off.

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3 responses