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She may just be two, but she sees things just fine

standard October 8, 2007 4 responses

Two examples of C’s perspicaciousness:

“Hey C! What’s that on the wall?” A friend asked pointing to a black and silver plastic cat adorning the wall of the breakfast joint.
C glanced over and then looked back at him.
“S’a decoration.” She replied, deadpan.

As we drive, well, pretty much anywhere, Little L likes to demonstrate, loudly, exactly what she thinks of being in the car.
Often as she enters her tenth minute of screaming as loud as she can, C feels the need to clear things up for us.
“Mammy? My baby is crying.”
I never quite know how to answer.

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4 responses

  • so cute… Kids have a great perspective, don’t they?

  • Hi. I just read the couch addiction back issue. It’s awesome. I feel the same way about my red leather couch. I’m addicted. Funny – the mini-treadmill is behind me – hidden. I joined a gym today. So, do I also have to work out? Today, I’m going to take a nap. Jason and I are going to hear blues tonight. Then, I have to get gasoline. Maybe I’ll even go to the post office. Exhausting Monday. xoxox, Susan

  • “My baby” . . . that’s so sweet!

  • We actually encouraged DS1 to think of DS2 as “his baby”, as they are only 18 months apart, and we were trying to minimize the jealousy factor.

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