Reasoning with a two year old is like wrestling with Jello

standard October 17, 2007 3 responses

“She had a rough day today.”
“She pinched a little friend and then wouldn’t stay in time out. We had to keep moving her and it took at least three tries before she would stay sitting still.”
“Ah. That’s not good.”

As I put C into her car seat I asked her why she pinched her friend.
“Yes, I know you pinched Amanda. I want to know why.”
“No! C pinch Amanda!”
“Yes! Why?”
“No! C pinch! C’s nails!”
“I know! Why? Why did you pinch Amanda?”
“Two hands!”
“Yes, you have two hands. Why did you pinch?”

At this point I gave up with the why and changed tactics.
“C. When Kathleen puts you in time out you have to stay in time out.”
“Well, because, it’s a punishment for something you did and you have to stay in time out as long as she says you have to stay there.”
“Oh. Why?”
“Because you did something naughty. You pinched Amanda.”
“Amanda! I pway with Amanda!”
“Yes, and you pinched her.”
“Two hands!”

And that’s when I called it quits. And if you were ever wondering, reasoning with a two year old is not an effective remedy for a migraine, or for a sleepless night.

And on another, not altogether unrelated, note, Excedrin Migraine is a great way to keep your newborn wide awake late into the evening.

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