Oh my gourd, such cute pumpkins!

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For the first time in months last night I had to climb out of bed to shut a window. The air in our room was beyond crisp and I just couldn’t take it any more. Of course I could have worn warmer PJs to bed, but that would mean admitting that summer is over and that’s just so hard to do. But at 3 am, when my toes felt like ten little ice cubes, I had to face the facts; no doubt about it, fall has arrived.

To help us come to grips with the end of lazy summer afternoons by the pool, we decided to embrace autumn and the fun that it brings. No, we didn’t buy industrial quantities of Halloween candy. (Not that, that wasn’t my first choice…) Instead, we headed to a local pumpkin patch to collect some prize specimens.

We got some big pumpkins and some small ones. C and M took a ride on a teeny tiny choo-choo train while I nursed Little L in a giant pumpkin. Then we loaded everyone into a little red wagon and headed home. The pumpkins are a lovely bonus, but we all know the reason people go to these places is to take cute pictures of their kids. We are no exception.

These are some heavy pumpkins!

Dis is my baby pumpkin!


Lovely place for a little mid patch snack.

Two sisters and a pumpkin.

Two girls, their mommy, and a pumpkin… (Finally, a picture of me with the girls where I’m wearing something other than a hospital gown.)

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