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standard October 10, 2007 2 responses

Now that I have two little monsters to care for I find myself multi-tasking more than ever. I can nurse Little L while I spoon feed C and prep dinner for the grown-ups. I can bottle feed the baby while discussing a gripping episode of the Wonder Pets and checking my e-mail. And my new favorite; I can now bathe both children at once thanks to the amazing Safer Bather by Leachco.

I fill the tub a few inches, enough to cover the bathing pillow, plop C in the tub, get Little L settled and I let C wash her sister while I keep the baby safe. C doesn’t get my kitchen and herself soaked while helping me clean Little L in the sink. Little L is mesmerized by her big sister. And everyone gets cleaned while having fun. It’s win, win, win, win. Plus, it allows us to hear such toddler gems as:

“Oh no! My baby has a booboo!” C looks horrified as she peers at Little L’s chest. Then the worry fades from her face, replaced by relief. She lifts the baby’s arm to get a closer look and then turns to face us.
S’ok. She just has nickels.”

I don’t know what’s better, that my toddler knows about nipples or that she thinks they’re called nickels.

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