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Two months

standard September 28, 2007 4 responses

You think I’m going to go all sappy on you and write a cutesy letter to Little L, a la Dooce, right? Yeah, no. That would actually take braincells and I seem to have misplaced mine. (Anyone got some to spare? I’m trying to land a killer job over here and brain freezes are not exactly helpful during interviews.)

No. I’m just going to say

It’s been TWO MONTHS since I last slept for more than three hours in a row. Two months people! That’s a lot of interrupted sleep. And the sad thing is that I can’t even blame it all on Little L. (Who, as I type, is happily sleeping at my feet in her bouncy seat. So why am I even awake at 11:30pm? And why am I contemplating bringing my book to bed with me? Why?)

Between the cat, who keeps trying to sleep on me or in my arms, the husband, who snores like a trucker and keeps having weird sleep talking moments*, and the older kid who has decided that she can only have the pink pacifier and not one of the hundred red, blue, or white ones that litter her crib, I’m finding it hard to go to sleep and stay there. And when I do finally succumb gratefully to the ministering of Morpheus? Well, that’s when Little L decides that it’s time to eat. Again.

That’s why come the weekend of July 19-21 my darling husband will not be invited to San Francisco to attend BlogHer ’08 with me. No, that weekend I will sleep in a luxurious hotel bed and not answer to any middle of the night requests. I may not even go to any discussions, I may just spend the whole weekend in bed! Now I just have to make it through the next ten months or so without losing my mind. I can do that. Right? Right?

*He has these dreams and they half wake him up, so that he’ll start really searching for some lost thing, and he has to wake me up to help him. Only he’s not really awake so he can’t explain what’s really going on, and then I’m completely awake and super annoyed because he. can. never. explain. what. he’s. dreaming. about. Drives me up the wall and when I bring it up in the morning he tells me I’m crazy. HA!

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4 responses

  • I love your posts because they voice what I’m feeling too, with our newborns being the same age. What, 4 days apart?

    It’s been two months since I’ve been able to count on going to bed at a decent hour. What time is it now? 1am.

    Two months since I’ve had a decent conversation with my husband, or anyone for that matter, that didn’t involve poop.

    And two months since I’ve worn something not covered in spitup.

  • I know how you feel! My fiance snores like a bear. It’ll get better though. My baby just reached the 4 month mark and is sleeping throught he night. Yay! What a difference that makes. I’m still with Jules though. Everyday I accessorize with spitup!

  • Hey, little mama, if you can make it through a whole TEN MONTHS without losing your mind, you’re one up on the rest of us … and you deserve that weekend away in SF! 🙂

  • Can I write you a post-dated check for the brain cells? I’m sure I’ll be able to scrape a few together here in the next couple of days. Meantime, I hope you get some sleep! 🙂

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