The secret to a good marriage is communication

standard September 12, 2007 1 response

“Are you awake?” I mumbled in M’s general direction upon realizing that he was no longer snoring.
“Yeah. I don’t know why, but I’m wide awake!”
I made some sympathetic sounds and glanced at the clock.
“Well, you may just get lucky.”
“Really?” Strangely the hopeful tone of his voice didn’t register with my sleep laden brain.
“Yeah.” I replied. “The baby should be waking up any minute.”

The poor man stayed awake and fed Little L her 3am bottle. I only realized the implications of my comment in the shower this morning. One day, like when the kids are off to college, I’ll make it up to him. In the meantime maybe I’ll make his favorite dinner.

On a less cheerful note please meander over to Silicon Valley Moms Blog for the 9/11 retrospective. Click here for my post.

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