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The little blogger that could

standard September 19, 2007 1 response

“I can get to the top of this hill. I can get to the top of this hill. I can get to the top of this hill. Damn this hill is big. Oh, good, there’s the top, just around that bend. Oh, wait, it’s a little further. OK, now there’s the top. I can get to the top. It’s right there. Wheeee, downhill we walk. Crud, another hill. It’s OK. I can get to the top of this hill too. At least I’m not pulling a 300+ lb person up the hill*. Dude, I am so blogging about this today.”

I walked The Dish today. I bit the bullet, strapped Little L to my chest, and braved the hills. Five minutes into my 4 mile walk I was already regretting my decision to forgo a nice comfy armchair in a cool coffee shop. It was hot, I haven’t exercised in months, and those darn hills were steep. The path stretched endlessly in front of me and I wasn’t even on the main loop yet. I focused on just putting one foot in front of another and tried hard not to think about the hawks circling above my head. Plenty of little squirrels to entertain the big birds.

At the base of each hill, I would start my little mantra. “I can get to the top of this hill. I can get to the top of this hill.” Don’t ask me how, but I swear I think it’s one long uphill loop. Twenty minutes into the walk I was hoping against hope that each turn would show me the end. Forty minutes into it I no longer believed that I was ever going to get home. An hour into it I realized that M was oh so wrong and it was in fact going to take me significantly longer to get to the end of my ordeal.

As I rounded one more turn and finally saw the end of the loop I heard a walker come up behind me. I was beyond being polite and was fully planning to completely ignore her when she spoke to me. Her voice rang a bell and when I turned my head to offer a quick retort I recognized her; a friend from my book club. She was as surprised to recognize me and fell into step joyfully.

“Do you walk here often?” She asked.
“This is the first time in years, and it might well be the last! I don’t even think I can make it to the end.”
“Sure you can. It’s a tough walk, but you can do it.”

Her encouragement and companionship gave me an extra boost of energy. We chatted all the way to our cars and made plans to meet up again next week. Turns out this little blogger could, and did, make it all around The Dish, but not without a little help from a friend. Even better? She’s going to do it again. But next time, if the friend doesn’t come along, she might bring her darling husband’s iPod, because seriously an hour and a half is a long long time for this little blogger to be alone with her thoughts.

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1 response

  • I could not to the walks I do without my iPod. It’s my little exercise can-do tool.. hehe

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