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The End

standard September 3, 2007 4 responses

The heat in the Bay Area has reached unusual heights and each day I try to find a way to escape to some air conditioned building for an hour or so. The heat is tolerable until 3 or 4pm and then sitting at home is like sitting in an oven. On Friday Little L and I headed to the mall for an hour or so. I figured that I could do a little shopping and if she wanted to nurse we could hole up in one of the family rooms. Comfy arm chairs in an air conditioned room, what could be better?

I cruised the sale aisles at all my favorite kid stores. (When I manage to drop some 20lbs I’ll shop for me, until then, I’m steering clear of grown-up stores.) I perused the baby stuff, but refrained from buying anything knowing full well that Little L will have more than enough clothing to grow into. Then I turned my attention to the toddler aisles. And that’s where I encountered a problem.

Each dress I pulled out, each pair of pants I touched, each shirt I unfolded, I heard C’s voice.
“Want nuther clothes, mammy. I can’t like dat.”
After a few minutes of that I realized that I’d reached the end. The carefree days when I could buy anything I thought was cute and dress C however I wanted are behind us. She has opinions and tastes and she lets us hear them, preferring to go in time out rather than wear something she finds distasteful. It’s the end of the world as we knew it, and I’m scared of what’s to come.

This post was inspired by the Sunday Scribblings prompt The End. Click here for more great entries.

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4 responses

  • This makes me think of torturous shopping trips with my mom when I was a teenager. If I wasn’t in the “mood” to shop, we might as well not go because I wasn’t going to like a single thing! Shopping now that we’re both adults is back to being a nice experience.

  • Kids grow up so fast before we realise!

  • That’s too funny that C says that to you. It’s a good thing you have a replacement girl who can’t talk back for a couple years 🙂

  • I dread the day Angel Face starts this. Yet I know it is inevitable.

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