She may think she’s a princess, but she has the manners of a trucker

standard September 13, 2007 4 responses

“Mama! Look!”
“I can’t sweetie, I’m driving.”
Mammyyy! Look!”
“Honey, I told you, I’m driving. I’ll look when I stop the car.”
Maaaammmyyyyy! Look!”
“Just a minute baby, we’re almost there.”

“OK. What did you want to show me.”
“Oh!” C looks down at her finger, perplexed. “Mammy! Wheah my boogah go?”
“I’m sorry?”
“My boogah? Wheah my boogah go?”
“Honey, are you telling me you wanted to show me a booger and you lost it?”
“Oh. Well, I don’t know where your booger went. Ew.”

Me thinks that child is spending too much time playing with the boys at daycare.

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