Overheard in our home today

standard September 4, 2007 2 responses

“Honey, where are the cookies?”
“Yes, the cookies we just bought at the store.”
“Oh the sardines?”
“No the cookies.”
“Right the sardines, the cookies for the tea.”
“Yeah. I put them in the closet.”
“Uh… honey… They’re Sandies. Even I wouldn’t eat cookies called Sardines.”

“Daddy? I can have my apple?”
“Sure honey.” M takes an apple from the pile of sliced apples waiting to go into his apple galette masterpiece.
A few minutes later she’s back for more.
“Daddy? I can have anoder apple?”
“Uh… wait a minute honey.” M is very focused on a tricky step in the process. I’m nursing Little L and overseeing the proceedings. I glance down at C and notice that she’s standing next to a few apple slices that have hit the deck.
“Just eat one of the apples on the floor baby.” Even as I say this I can’t believe the words coming out of my mouth. At least the floor was just cleaned.
“That’s yuck!” She says as she picks up a slice.

What can I say? Clearly we’re a clean, consumer savvy family. You’re jealous aren’t you?

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