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It’s time.

I know I said that Tuesday was my big day, but I convinced myself that I didn’t really have to diet or exercise. The little devil on my shoulder convinced me that I looked fine, that the weight would come off on its own, that I deserved the ice cream and cookies. That little devil? He is wrong, very very wrong. I know. I saw my reflection in a store window today and the veil was lifted from my delusional eyes.

These pregnancy pounds are not going anywhere on their own. I’m not one of those “oh-nursing-made-me-lose-all-my-pregnancy-weight-and-then-some people. I’m one of the ohhhh-food,-gimme-some people, and I’d better do something about it while they really are just pregnancy pounds and not pregnancy plus pounds.

Tomorrow I’m going to a Weight Watcher meeting and I’m getting back on the wagon. Monday I’m implementing an exercise plan. At least four days a week I’m going to pack up my Little L an hour and a half before we have to pick C up from daycare and we are going to walk The Dish. Four miles up and down hill should do wonders for my figure and help me get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes. That, a little Weight Watcher action, and ignoring my little shoulder devil.

Now if I could win some Ryka shoes that would make the deal extra sweet… Head on over there to see if you can score one of the many pairs that they are giving away. And head over to Parent Bloggers to see how other bloggers are putting their exercise shoes to good use!

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