Dear Madam President

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Title: An Open Letter to the President of the Universe

Dear Madam President,

I know you have a lot of galaxies to take care of so thanks for reading my letter. I’m sure you have all these things on your to-do list, too, but just in case you don’t I thought I would share a few concerns from the moms and dads of Earth.

1. I’m going to assume you already know about climate change and curing cancer and world peace and the like. It never hurts to get a little reminder. But mostly here I’m going to focus on the little things that would help parents, in turn, focus on the big things like raising kids and figuring out how to deal with melting icebergs.

2. Speaking of weather, could you make it so rain only falls at night? It would really go a long way toward helping us cabin-fevered parents.

3. However, if you’ve ever tried smearing sunscreen on a blurry toddler, you’ll also know that we need someone to invent ingestible sun protection. How about something we can drop in their applesauce once a month? Or at least a once-daily candylike chewable.

4. Whatever happened to those self-cleaning homes and housekeeping robots we were promised?

5. Also, I totally support Mamatulip’s request for a dinner fairy.

6. And as long as there is one for dinner there could be one for breakfast and lunch too.

7. While you are encouraging these genius inventors out there, how about a crib or bed that kids actually want to be in (but only until it’s time for them to wake up in the morning).

8. Am I pushing my luck?

9. OK, thanks for listening.

Yours truly and thanks for all your hard work,

Mayberry Mom

This was a guest post written by Mayberry Mom in honor of this month’s blog exchange.

When not dreaming of world domination, Mayberry Mom lives, works, and writes from the oh-so-wholesome Midwest.

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