Collector Personality

standard September 17, 2007 3 responses

I pull C’s pants off and acorns fly out of her pockets.
In the morning there are acorns on her pillow.
Her car seat has a few lodged in the corners.
Even when I open the dryer acorns fly out.

Our little collector is obsessed with the pointy things. She makes sure that she’s wearing pants with pockets so she can squirrel her little acorns away throughout the day.

As things go acorns are not a bad collector’s item. It could be worse. She could be obsessed with Disney Princesses, or Sesame Street paraphernalia. At least acorns are cheap and plentiful. But finding them everywhere I turn is getting on my nerves and if I find one in my bed I’m putting and end to the madness.

As for me I’ll just keep working on my book collection… no matter what my husband has to say about that!

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