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QFT – a.k.a Quality Family Time

standard August 11, 2007 Leave a response

“I cuddle in beddie byes with mommy and daddio?”
“Of course!” I say, scooping C out of her crib, grabbing her doggy and her blanket, and heading back to bed.

C snuggles in between us, leaning over to give M a kiss, leaning back towards me to bestow one on my cheek too. We take turns hugging her and tickling her, enjoying the moment. It’s warm and cozy in our bed, the three of us huddle under our comforter and relish the sheer togetherness. All too quickly C gets antsy and scrambles down to get a toy or two. She clamors for one of us to haul her back into our haven, lugging her entertainment of choice with her. She settles between us again and starts to play. M and I snooze a minute more; isn’t stolen sleep the sweetest kind? C dispenses more kisses right and left.

With two working parents its sometimes hard to find some time to really connect as a family. Days filled with routine fly by filled fade away without notice. We dance around each other, taking a minute here and there to connect one on one, but rarely find the time to be all together. I treasure our morning cuddles, they only take place on the weekends and on days that we don’t have time to relax in bed I miss them terribly.

Before Little L was born I was worried that our weekend ritual would disappear, forgotten in the haze of parenting a newborn. Now that she’s here I know that I was wrong. Instead of losing the moment I think it’s going to get even better. After all, isn’t cuddling with two cute girls even better than cuddling with one?

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