On our own

standard August 15, 2007 1 response

This morning I dragged myself out of bed shortly before 8.
“C come here so I can brush your hair!” I called after brushing my teeth. “Do you want ponies or braids?”
Bwaids!” She called as she careened around to corner and ran into the living room.

I was bleary eyed after a short night of sleep, but I managed to coral her and get her to come to me. We sat on the floor and cuddled for a short minute, then I got to work taming her unruly locks. An unfamiliar show was playing on Noggin, reminding me of the radical change our morning routine was taking. I wasn’t getting C ready so I could take her to daycare before work, I was getting her ready so she could head there with M. I was sitting on the floor in my pajamas, fully expecting to head back to bed as soon as they were out the door. My second born was waiting for me to come cuddle some more and catch a few more winks.

Today M went back to work and Little L and I started the first day of our three month bonding time. Technically my leave started two weeks ago, but today was the first day we were on our own. So what did we do? We watched the Project Runway marathon. The laundry called, the dishwasher beckoned, but we stayed put. Little L nursed away the morning and I relaxed, watched designer history being made, and surfed the Internet. We may not win any housekeeping awards, but I think when it comes to relaxing we’ll be hard to beat.

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