I heart the Internet

standard August 24, 2007 3 responses

As I sit on the saggy couch day in and day out nursing or cuddling Little L I surf the Internet, chat with friends, and thank God for the Internet. No really. At 4 a.m. I can chat with friends in Europe or check some message boards. During the day I read favorite blogs or explore new ones. I keep in touch with friends through email and instant messages. And every day I check job listings in the hope that the perfect position will suddenly appear. The Internet is my connection to the outside world so that as I watch the umpteenth rerun of Charmed my brain doesn’t completely ooze out of my brain.

My mother in law and I drove home from dinner the other night and she reminisced about being home with her young children years ago. Her husband was a medical intern who moonlighted at night. She had three young kids and she lived far from her parents and family. Hearing all that reminded me how fortunate we are to have this digital connection with each other. It’s amazing to think that I can connect myself and instantly “meet” dozens of other moms facing the same issues as me. It’s pretty cool.

Plus the Internet gives us places like this and this, and this. And that? Well, that just makes everything all good.

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