“I get that sinking feeling…”

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“Hello! Hi baby! Who’s the cutest baby around? Yes! You! Such a cute girl!”
I’m sitting on the couch with my feet propped up on the coffee table. Little L is lying on my lap, her head on my knees, her teeny feet pushing against my belly. She’s practicing her smile, grimacing at me and grunting. She’s not often alert and awake so I’m taking advantage of the moment, she’s pretty cute this kid.

Suddenly her face contorts. Her little brow furrows and she purses her mouth. She looks so serious that I laugh, then I hear it.
The sound comes from her nether regions. It’s about time! My cute girl hasn’t pooped in two days and I’m glad that nature is finally taking it’s course.
The sound comes again, and again. Great! A big poop. (It’s a new mom thing. We get excited about sleep and poop. What can I say, it’s a glamorous life, but someone has to do it.) Little L’s face relaxes and she half smiles at me.

“I’ll bet you’re feeling better! It’s been a long time!” I coo. I try to resume my chatter, but the smell is a little distracting to say the least.
“Okay, kiddo, let’s get you out of that stinky diaper.” I place my hands under her armpits, but as I go to lift her up I get that sinking feeling. Under her tush, all over my lap, is a huge wet spot. The poop was big, really big, and the diaper was no match for the sheer quantity.

I stand in the middle of the room, holding my peanut at arm’s length. I take a step towards the kitchen, then one towards the bedroom. I am paralyzed by indecision. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to deal with this sort of situation and I just don’t know where to start.

Twenty minutes later, after an impromptu shower in the kitchen sink, Little L is sporting some clean duds and I’ve changed my pants. We’re back on the couch in our usual position. We’ve weathered our first diaper blowout and I feel my newborn mommy wings flex. They’re a little rusty, but I think we’re going to fly just fine.

This post was inspired by the Sunday Scribblings prompt “I get that sinking feeling…”. Click here to read more great entries.

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4 responses

  • Kinda like Bill Cosby said that when a baby is first born, everyone is like “Oh, look at the cute little poopoo,” then a couple of months later, God puts the SMELL in! :p

  • I have that paralyzed, “I don’t know where to start” feeling all the time, but never so much as when I check on my daughter during nap time and discover she, the sheets, the side of the crib and the wall are all covered in a righteous-smelling vomit-diarrhea combo. Seriously. Where do you start?

  • Michelle, I always get stuck at “do I wake her up or deal when she’s done napping”!
    Kentuckygal, this kiddo here may only be a month old, but she already has some noxious poops!

  • You have every right to be excited! Each new step for them is exciting.

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