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One of the blogs I discovered on CafeMom has brought back many many fond memories. Aside from being fabulously written it’s all about life as an American in Paris, a life I know well and miss.

Right now I’m in a weird place here. I’m on maternity leave from a job I don’t find particularly fulfilling or satisfying. I’m having trouble finding the motivation to find a different job, but I’m even less inclined to go back in November. More close friends have moved to the other side of the country, leaving us with just a handful of peers and the arduous task of making new friends.

At times like these the urge to pack up an head back across the pond gets very strong. I miss my friends and family. I miss the food and the lifestyle. I miss the culture and the city. It’s hard to imagine two worlds more different than Silicon Valley and Paris. It’s impossible to say I like one more than the other, it would be like comparing apples to bears. But when things gets tough in one place it’s even harder not to long for the other life.

One day we’ll move to France, or if M gets his way we’ll be gagillionaires and have a home here and there and we’ll jet back and forth whenever we want. (Ha!) Reading J’s blog has made me realize that I’d be able to find work in France, a notion that had never crossed my mind even though that’s where I went to grad school. All of a sudden I feel like what was once a pipe dream might actually be a possibility, and it’s nice to know that the option exists.

For now we’ll be staying put, most likely for years, but it’s good to know that going home is not as improbable as I had once thought. It gives me the strength to figure out how to make things better here.

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  • That weird place? It’s hard. I remember it when I was on mat leave.

    Courage ma belle… It gets easier as the children grow.

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