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I settle back in our old, lumpy, but incredibly comfortable couch. The house is quiet and I close my eyes for a minute, drinking in the silence. Impatience wins and I open them again, letting my gaze fall on the book in my hand. It’s by an author I’ve never read before and I can’t wait to crack it open.

I flip through those pesky blank first few pages, anxious to get to the start of the first chapter. I finally reach the first page of the novel and dive into the story and lose myself in the words. Three pages into it I finally draw breath. The words flow, weaving a gripping tale. The hairs on the back of my neck are standing on end, goosebumps cover my arms. It’s more than a good story, it’s a well written one, and that’s what’s causing my excitement.

It’s so hard these days to find a novel that’s exquisitely well written. It’s such a great surprise when it happens. Like turning a corner on a busy street and finding the perfect bakery, or a breathtaking garden. You find a great paragraph and you reread it over and over again, just to savor the neat construction, the well chosen words. The goosebumps are a sure sign that you’ve found one of those books that you’ll turn to again and again.

I sigh and settle back into the couch, making myself comfortable for a long read. I rub my arms and let myself get drawn back into the story. Within minutes I’m lost in another world.

This post was inspired by the Sunday Scribblings prompt Goosebumps. Click here for more hair raising entries.

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5 responses

  • Being lost in a book that has you totally engrossed, and on the edge — is incredible!

  • Anonymous

    Your daughters are gorgeous. You are worrying about every little detail of four lives now. You haven’t changed at all. Your daughters are going to be great. You and M are great. And I love you times a bajillion.
    p.s. I almost finished the cword puzzle today. But I needed so much help from the Barista at Hot Mama’s Espresso. What’s a word that starts with a G that means – hot rum drink?

  • Perfect. The language of a good book matters so much. It’s not just the story or the insight: it’s the beauty of the composition.

    What book had you started reading?

  • I know the feeling too. Books can really transport me and give so much joy.

  • Books do have that effect on us.

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