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Double vision

standard August 17, 2007 2 responses

When M brought Little L over to me in the OR minutes after she was born I did a double take. I was a little punchy from the surgery, but for a minute I truly thought I was having a flash back to C’s birth. It was uncanny how much my second born resembled the first.

I wasn’t the only one who saw the resemblance. Every visitor commented on the similarities. One friend even thought we’d gotten confused and sent out C’s birth pictures. Little L even has a bump on her head in the exact same spot that C had hers. It’s uncanny. I hold this tiny baby and I feel like I’m holding her sister. It doesn’t help that she’s as easy as C was at her age.

As I sit here and hold Little L, I worry. I worry that people will constantly compare her to the sister she so resembles. I worry that people will hold her to an invisible standard. I worry that people will expect her to be as well behaved, as quick, as funny as C. I worry that no one will let her be herself. And mostly, I worry that I’ll be first and worst offender. She’s only two weeks old and I’m already doing it.

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2 responses

  • I hear you. All my kids look alike too. I think simply by being aware of the issue of expecting like-looking siblings to act alike, you have already taken a step toward it /not/ happening.

  • There is a picture of two of my children at a 4th of July celebration. The boys had longish hair at the time and it was very curly. If you had taken the picture and placed it beside my daughter, you would’ve sworn the younger child in the picture was her. I would’ve too. But the younger child in the picture was my younger son at age 3.

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