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Because clearly I needed more blogs to read

standard August 19, 2007 4 responses

Like so many others I am a big fan of all things Amalah, so when she started The Mom’s Daily Dose Secret Awesome Group of Awesome Blogging Power over at CafeMom I ran over and joined, because I am obedient and because secretly I have issues about belonging and I’m always worried that the cool kids will up and leave me in the dust. So I joined (well actually I discovered I was already signed up with CafeMom even though I have no recollection of ever joining, but whatever turns out it’s great, so yay.) and I started checking out the other member’s blogs.

And every single blog I have checked out has been awesome. And it’s a good thing that I’m on maternity leave and the baby eats all day long (Seriously all day. Someone please tell her that if you eat for an hour and a half you don’t get to eat every hour and a half… because that hardly leaves mommy any time to pee…) because there are all these archives to peruse and so many new blogs to discover.

So if you have some time to kill then head on over there and discover a new blog or ten. Yeah. Sorry.

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4 responses