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On Tuesday I cobbled together a to-do list of all the things I had to do, or wanted to get done, before the baby came. To start with the list was manageable, but as the day wore on I kept remembering more and more things and instead of getting smaller the list just kept growing.

Three days later I can safely say that I’ve started to tame the beast. Most of the items have a bold line drawn through them, but there are still quite a few that are unmarred and those are the ones that are making me nervous. You know, like, install the car seat, or pay the bills, or even pack my hospital bag. Little things that really need to happen, but that I can’t seem to bring myself to do.

On the plus side I have pulled out the bassinet and washed the sheets (C’s baby is taking a nap in it as we speak.). I packed the baby’s bag and got some new pacifiers. I’ve even purchased a baby book so we can record all those important milestones (ha! I can pretend that I’m going to do that, no?). As long as I focus on all the things that have gotten done I feel pretty good about the impending arrival.

Now I just have to do the last few pesky tasks and I can rest easy. I do have a few issues though, can anyone tell me what I need to bring with me to the hospital? I got some magazines and I’m pretty sure I’ll remember my toothbrush. I’m definitely bringing my laptop (kick-ass wireless at the hospital!), and a book or two. So aside from some toiletries, seriously, what else am I going to need?

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  • Congratulations!

    I’d recommend flip flops to wear around…I was so hot & swollen & my slippers felt too warm & tight, and got some icky stuff on them. Speaking of icky…m/b your own pads? The hospital pads didn’t seem that great….

    Your boppy or brest friend pillow to nurse (if you plan on trying). The pillows at the hospital kept sliding around… or your own bottles/nipples for formula…the ones I got in the hospital flowed too quickly & my baby girl kept choking/gagging.

    Maybe earplugs or music player for the noise (esp. if you have a roommmate).

    Don’t forget the power cord for the laptop and/or cell phone. (We had wi-fi at our hospital, too & it was awesome!)

    Good luck!!

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