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Shhh don’t tell…

standard July 26, 2007 1 response

I am one of those women who firmly believe that babies should be allowed to stay in the womb until they are fully cooked. Nothing upsets me more than thinking that the only reason this child will be born at 38weeks and 5 days instead of 40+ is because the hospital is fully booked and that’s the latest they can schedule my c-section. I keep secretly hoping that I will spontaneously go into labor at the crack of dawn Tuesday morning, just so I won’t have to feel guilty about ousting the babe before she’s good and ready.

That said, and I’m ashamed to even write this, I can’t fathom being pregnant longer than another few days. If I were going to 40 weeks I’d still have more than two and a half weeks to go, and honestly? I’m secretly glad that it’s not an option. The baby is getting heavier by the day and it’s getting harder and harder to carry C. Picking something up off the floor has become an ordeal, and even getting out of bed has become an Olympic event.

But, please? Don’t tell my mother in law. She never understood why I was so adamant about going to 40 weeks. I’d hate for her to think that she was right.

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