She’s all about the positive feedback

standard July 11, 2007 1 response

“Cute shoes mammy!”

“Nice haircut daddy!”

C’s encouragements buoys us along throughout the day. If she doesn’t have something concrete to compliment us about she’ll throw in a few “I love you”s or even “I love you too”s, anything to let us know that she cares and she’s watching.

This morning she took it to new heights:
“Mammy? Where we go?”
“We’re going to K’s house so you can play with your friends. We’re almost there actually.”
“Yes lovey?”
C pumps her fists in the air and shouts out:
“Mammy you can do it! You can do it!”

She’s my very own little cheerleader, always around to boost my morale and help me find the strength to keep going… even if the only place I’m headed is her daycare center. With that kind of faith I can’t think of anything I can’t accomplish.

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  • Awww…that is TOO CUTE! WTG, C!

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