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No doubt about it, she’s a girl

standard July 18, 2007 Leave a response

“Mammy! Mammy!” C calls from her room.
“What honey?”
“Mammy! What you tink?” C comes out of her room wearing her patent leather shoes on her feet. She stands in the age old stance; one foot in front of the other, hands held out to her side, eyes looking at what she wants me to see.
“Wow! Cute shoes baby! Good job putting them on yourself!

After a day running errands with me C runs into the house excitedly.
“I show daddy! I show daddy!” She squeals running into the house. The instant I put down the bags she starts to pull things out willy nilly.
“What you tink, daddy? What you tink?”

I pull C’s shirt over her head and she pushes her hair back with her hands.
“Oh!” She says looking down, “I a pwincess!”

Yesterday at Babies R Us C went ballistic. She stormed the bottle aisle, trying to put each and every make and model into the cart. When I tried to explain to her that we really didn’t need every single bottle ever made. She looked me square in the eye and said:
S’OK! I put in here and we pay.”
Since I found it hard to argue with her logic, after all in her eyes that’s exactly what I do when we shop, I let her pile the cart up with boxes of bottles. Then I distracted her with a passing baby and I reshelved everything.
I thought that would be the end of the baby store excitement, but I hadn’t counted on the little mama’s level of obsession. From the bottle aisle we moved on to the furniture section, where C and her doll tested each and every crib and changing table.

“Mammy? Mammy?” C calls following me into the kitchen.
“Mammy? Where my huggo?” She asks coming towards me with her arms open wide. One quick hug and she’s on her way, more dolls to cuddle, more pretend meals to prepare.

“Mammy! I go Ashley’s house for tea party! OK?” C greets me with a hug and this plan at the end of the day today.
“Oh! Are we making our own play dates?” I ask her jokingly.
“I go Ashley’s house!” She replies with tears in her eyes.
“OK baby, we’ll make a play date to go have a tea party with Ashley.”
“I bringa box!” She reminds me. Clearly we can’t have a tea party without the tea set.

My C. She just turned two, but she’s already such a girl. She loves to shop. She loves to show off her purchases. She loves to dress up and she loves to lavish us with love. She might be the toughest chick at daycare, coming home with new bruises every day, but she’s all little girl, no doubt about it.

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