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standard July 28, 2007 1 response

After I posted my woeful tale about my half completed to-do list yesterday I headed to bed with my brand new copy of Harry Potter. (Yeah, I have nothing to say in my defense… except I got it at Tarjay! On Sale! The day it came out! Yay, me!) After a lengthy read I finally turned off the light and tried to sleep. That’s when I realized that what I thought was run of the mill – it’s been a long day – lower back pain was actually coming and going with disconcerting regularity. And I had a tiny hissy fit in my head, because, while I want to go into labor so that I can feel like the kiddo was ready to come out, I really didn’t want to go into labor last night.

I still hadn’t packed a bag and I just don’t trust M to know what I might need. I didn’t have anyone who could spend the day with C. My in-laws are spending the weekend at Lake Tahoe and they would be pissed if the baby was born while they were away. I lost the directions for how to install the car seat and I was convinced that M wouldn’t figure it out…

I finally fell asleep while the list grew in my head. Each time I woke up I thought of new things that could go wrong. I was so focused on the list that I never noticed when my back stopped hurting, but by the time we got up this morning I was feeling just fine. I was just a little worried that my OB would insist on doing the section today, what with the possible contractions and the dilating, etc…

I shouldn’t have worried. Once I told her the in-laws were out of town she backed off, seems that she’s more scared of my mother-in-law than me laboring on my scar. She gave me a cursory exam and sent me home until Tuesday. As for me? Did I finish all those things that worried me all night? Yeah… no. But I’m sure it’ll all be fine. And really, if M had to pack my bag how bad could it be?

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  • In-laws, I wonder who thought THEM up? *lol*

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