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It’s HOT! Wah

standard July 6, 2007 2 responses

The temps hit the high 90s today and I’m understanding why people say it sucks to be pregnant in the summer. Our new little window AC unit is chugging away, and M swears that the room is cool, but it’s not keeping me from sweating like a pig, and it’s not keeping me from getting grumpier and grumpier by the minute. Bah grr bah.

The nice people who spend their days analysing the weather say that it’ll be a little cooler tomorrow, but since I found the temperatures unbearable on Tuesday and it was only in the 70s then, I doubt that’s going to help me much. At least I get to spend the day in a somewhat air-conditioned office. Yay for working. (Except that I could spend the day in the pool if I weren’t working… but whatever.)

OK. Enough grumbling. Tomorrow is another day and it might even be cooler. Tell me how hot it is in your neck of the woods so we can mope together.

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2 responses

  • It’s mid 80’s to mid 90’s here, adding a few to that for the heat index. A lot more humid than I am used to, and that SUX BIG TIME!

  • It’s 117 here in Phoenix… i’m DYING. i have been sleeping with ice packs even though our AC is set to 78. i will NEVER EVER again get pregnant in the middle of winter so that i’m 7 months in mid-July in AZ. SHOOT ME.

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