I fix toilets, what’s your secret power?

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When I was pregnant with C I spent a lot, a lot, of time on the iVillage message boards. I had a ‘siggy’, I posted every day, I read everything avidly, there’s really no doubt about it, I was an addict. When C was born I stuck with it. The playgroup was my link to other moms in the same boat as me and the Exclusively Pumping board kept me pumping through many a tearful evening.

I loved those boards. I loved the camaraderie, the support, and even the comic relief unwittingly offered by some of the posters. The one thing I couldn’t stand were the hateful ‘blinkies’ “I make milk, what’s your superpower?” and “Mama’s milk bar open 24/7.”

I spent ten months attached to a hospital grade pump, slowly squeezing out breast milk drop by painful drop. For three hours a day I sat in front of my computer blogging and surfing iVillage. As the milliliters painstakingly accumulated those blinkies goaded me. My milk bar wasn’t open at all, and if making milk was my superpower well then it’s a good thing the world wasn’t waiting for me to feed the masses. With the 10oz a day I managed to coax out I was barely giving my daughter the bare minimum she needed to get my antibodies, let alone making enough to fully sustain her dietary needs.

A year and a half down the road I’ve come to grips with the piss poor performance of my breasts. They’ll do what they can and I’ll do my best to accept their shortcomings. I don’t think I’ll torture myself for a measly 10oz of breast milk a day. The baby wouldn’t mind the time I spend attached to a pump, but C would, and I don’t think I could bear to hear her say “mammy, putta pump down” in the same voice she uses when she asks me to put the ‘pooter’ down.

As for secret powers? If I start to frequent the iVillage boards again I’m going to make myself a blinkie that reads “I fix toilets, what’s your secret power?” Because, dude, my momma taught me well, and when it comes to fixing leaky or broken toilets no one holds a candle to me.

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  • I have a kick-a$$ blackmail picture of my oldest son (then 18 months old) at the pump I used for my younger son.

  • I have to say that I’m already (at 3.5 weeks pp) getting the “put the baby down!” request.. Grace is also much much less tolerant of the “puter” and the cell phone.. I can only imagine how she would be if I was still pumping or nursing..having said that..I have to say that those women who do nurse or pump for their 2nd, 3rd or beyond.. just amaze me. The strength and will and determination.. just amaze me. I’m wishing you all the best in whatever you choose to do. And whatever you DO choose to do..do it for you..not for everyone else. One of my biggest fears was telling everyone else here in “Crunchy Granola NorCal” that I wasn’t nursing my baby.. I felt I might as well be telling them that I was “feeding her arsenic”.. so far though..everyone has been super cool. Good luck!

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    I had the same poor production pumping for my daughter for 10 months. In fact, on a good day, I would get 6 ounces. I felt the same about people’s blinkies, but I knew it was just because they were proud of their accomplishment. With my son, I resolved that hell or high water, I would breastfeed, and it was 10 days of hell before he would easily latch, but now he nurses like a champ and I have had no problems with milk supply.

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