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standard July 16, 2007 7 responses

This is the story of a little girl born with what her mommy thought was a lot of hair.

But really, it wasn’t all that much after all, and for months the little girl looked very, very silly when her parents tried to put cute bows in her hair.

One day the mommy picked up the little girl from daycare and chuckled all the way home. She wasn’t the only one anxious to start playing with that cute hair. That night the mommy and the daddy dubbed the little girl “sumo baby”. (You’ll be glad to know she has since outgrown that particular nick-name…)

By the time the little girl’s first birthday rolled around she had enough hair for TWO pigtails! Oh the joy that mommy felt.

The pig tails grew…

And grew…

Until one day there was even enough hair for braids!

But despite all the love the mommy has poured into that hair, the little girl still runs away every time the brush and comb appear. And it’s really silly, because when her hair is not all neatly tied up she gets very frustrated with what she calls her “crazy hair.”

This post was inspired by the Sunday Scribblings prompt Hair. Click here for more great entries.

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7 responses