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“Ahhhh. I’ve looked all over the car and I can’t find my prescription anywhere!”
The call comes through from M’s cell phone at 4:49pm. His physical therapy appointment is at 6, he’s still in the parking lot at work, 45 minutes away from home.
“Well, can you call the doctor’s office and have them fax a new prescription?” I ask, not getting too worked up. “But you should call right now, they probably close at 5. If they can’t, come on home, I’ll help you look.”

M gets off the phone in a hurry just as I’m pulling into the driveway at C’s daycare. I gather her up quickly and head home. We arrive before M. In the meantime he’s called to say that the doctor’s office closed at 4. I can hear the stress in his voice, but I’m not worried.

His car pulls into the driveway and I head out to meet him, C hot on my heels.
“I swear I looked everywhere!” He claims as he hands me the keys.
“Just let me look.” I answer.

He and C head back into the house. I pull open the car door and pick up his briefcase. The prescription is the second piece of paper I pull out. I give it to M with 25 minutes to spare. He grumbles a little before getting back into his car and driving off.
“I swear I searched that briefcase at least three times!” He calls out as he backs out of the driveway.
“Sure you did honey.” I mumble to myself. “Sure you did.”

That man… he couldn’t find a bull in a china shop.

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