Coming to grips.

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With just two weeks to go I’ve come to grips with the fact that I need to get a few things organized. I washed the Baby Bjorn three days ago and today I washed the car seat cover. C and I unearthed the newborn clothing and a huge stack of burp cloths. This morning we stopped at a baby furniture store to check out mini cribs; our new solution to the bedroom situation. This afternoon we went to a baby superstore to gather some essential items.

Pulling everything together is helping to make the impending birth more real. I’ve spent the last eight months too busy to even notice that I was pregnant. The last two months have been so brutal that I’ve had to ignore all the discomfort associated with the last trimester. Even now I catch myself forgetting that we just have 14 days left. When I hit a wall and my body forces me to sit down for a minute I actually have to remind myself that I shouldn’t be pushing myself so hard. If burning out was an option I’m sure it would have happened by now, but it’s not, so I keep going.

Today I had fun. I pulled out baby clothes I hadn’t seen in two years. I made plans for this little one. I allowed myself to think a few weeks ahead, not in a “Oh God, one more person to care for” way, but in a “I’m having a baby!” way. It was about time, and it’s making up for the lost vacation. I’m finally getting excited to meet this little girl. I’m excited that C is going to finally get to be a big sister. And I’m excited that we’re going to be a family of four. It’s going to be good.

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  • I’m excited for you and your family! (And I’m a little wistful for myself, since that chapter of my life is over.)

    But mostly happy for you!

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