Brand new sun!

standard July 3, 2007 1 response

Yesterday morning M rolled over in bed and glanced towards C’s room where she was quietly playing with her legos. (We were both being lazy slobs and letting her entertain herself.)
“It’s like CSI: Miami in there.” He mumbled.
I glanced over to see what he meant and laughed. They film that show with a strange filter that makes everything seem suffused with yellow light. The instant the show comes on we know what it is because of the strange lighting. C’s room looks exactly like the set for an episode; yellow light floods everything giving the toys and furniture a weird glow.
“It’s the new light fixture! That’s hilarious, we never noticed yesterday.”
We thought we were brightening C’s room a little, making it more fun. Clearly we got more than we bargained for.

C’s “Brand new sun!”:

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