You know you need a date with your husband when…

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You know you need a date with your husband when the most time the two of you spend alone is when you are eating in front of the TV at the end of a long day.

Our evening routine is pretty much always the same. We come home, I make dinner while the child eats her dinner. I finish making dinner while M plays with C or gives her a bath. I put her in her pjs and get her ready for bed. I put the finishing touches on dinner while M reads her a book, and I plop her into bed.

You would think that at that point we would sit down at the dinner table and enjoy rich conversation while savoring the amazing meal I’ve concocted, but you would be wrong. I’m seven months pregnant, by the time I get C into bed and dinner on the table I can barely sit up long enough to chew let alone make friendly chit-chat. The few times we’ve had dinner in the dining room it’s been a silent affair, both of us too tired to even recount tales about our day. So we take our plates into the living room, get comfortable on our cruddy old couch and turn our attention to the TV. We reconnect during commercials and in between shows, sometimes even using the all powerful pause button to recount a particularly gripping moment in our day.

Every blue moon, when the stars align and the sitter is available on an evening that we can actually take advantage of we get gussied up and we head out into the big world. We talk about the child for a few minutes (because, honestly, who doesn’t?) and finally get down to the business of remembering who we are and why we enjoy each other’s company so much.

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  • Yah. DH and I met over the internet. He came out from a different state for a visit and never left. We didn’t have a “date” until after we got preggers.,..and I think that’s been IT!

    You GO girl!

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