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Unexpected fun

standard June 17, 2007 1 response

We loaded up the car and headed over the mountain after dinner last night. My friend S, C and I sang songs and goofed off all the way to the ocean. Anything was fair play as long as it kept C from going to sleep. We sang songs and told jokes. Hearing C giggle all the way there cheered me up to no end.

We drove down the street, peering at numbers, trying to remember the name of the Motel. We found it, and we were still giggling when we pulled into the parking lot. Our first hint that this was a classy joint was this sign:

We don’t really know how hotels deal when they aren’t open 24hrs. Do they wake you up in the middle of the night and ask you to sit outside for an hour or two? Anyway, here we were safe. Though we definitely didn’t get the “and up” version of the motel. Let me just put it this way. When S went to get into her bed? She found a marshmallow in her sheets. Granted, it could have been worse, it could have been partially eaten, but still. To my great disappointment, and yours too I’m sure, she threw it away before I could take a picture. To my even greater disappointment I didn’t find one in my bed. Hmph. That’s favoritism I say.

After a surprisingly good night’s sleep, punctuated by sporadic giggles about the marshmallow, we headed out to grab some breakfast before the big graduation. The fact that we walked into the diner at the time the ceremony was starting didn’t phase us in the least. However, the menu did give me a moments pause. Don’t most breakfast joints make their batter every day?

We eventually made it to the graduation. It took us forever, but now we know the UCSC campus quite well. Our friend was touched that we came and C was tickled pink to see him. She has such a crush on this boy, she giggled every time he looked at her or she had to touch him.

We had fun, but seriously? The best part was the two hour nap I took when we got home. OK, maybe the best part was the marshmallow in the bed, then the nap, definitely, the nap.

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  • Anonymous

    Great *biting* sense of humor!

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