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standard June 13, 2007 1 response

Some weeks we have no plans whatsoever. Every day we go to work, come home, have dinner, and just veg all evening. Other weeks the plans are laid thick and I can barely catch my breath. This is one of those weeks.

Tonight we stopped by the inlaws to say hi to M’s sister and her fiance. We were supposed to have dinner with them, but I begged off. Tomorrow night we are going to the Police concert in Oakland while C spends the evening with her grandparents. Thursday I have my second sewing class. Friday C and I are spending the night in Santa Cruz with a friend. The three of us are going to another friend’s graduation at the crack of dawn on Saturday.

Usually I wouldn’t be phased by such a busy week, but this week everything feels different. C is nursing a cold and I’m waiting on tender hooks to see if the Flovent is going to prevent an asthma breakthrough. To make things more interesting these past two nights she’s woken up in a blind panic around 1 am, dragging me from a deep sleep and resisting me when I try to cajole her back to sleep. I have no idea what’s waking her up or how to fix the problem. And to add to the stress and the exhaustion, I have homework for the first time in years.

Granted it’s sewing homework, but still, not having the time to sit down and just get it done is a little nerve wracking. It’ll teach me to want to learn a new skill while 7 months pregnant with my second child at the same time as my dear husband is nursing a bad neck injury. What was I thinking again? Oh yes! Doing something for myself… right, like that was a good idea.

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  • Good gravy, woman. WHAT were you thinking!?!?!?! *LOL* *HUGS*

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