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Pregnancy is…

standard June 19, 2007 3 responses

… pulling out of the driveway of a diner where you just had the biggest breakfast imaginable and wondering whether there are any snacks in the car.

… being exhausted all day long and finally getting into bed only to find that you can’t fall asleep no matter what you do.

… finally getting a moment to sit on the couch and relax only to have the baby decide that it’s the perfect time to practice her somersaults.

… peeing, pulling your pants back up, fixing the elastic waist of the d**m pants again, walking out of the bathroom and having to turn right around to do it all over again.

… realizing that you haven’t felt the baby move in a while and having your heart stop beating during the time it takes you to down a huge glass of water to wake her up.

… fixing yourself the exact same lunch that you’ve craved for the last four months only to find that today, for no good reason, it makes you want to hurl.

… watching VISA commercials and sobbing like a baby.

And last but not least

… walking out of your toddler’s room at 3am after she’s thrown up for the fourth time in three hours, washing your hands extra carefully because she used them as a receptacle, running a second load of laundry, and thinking to yourself “wow, I am starving!”

What has pregnancy meant for you?

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3 responses

  • Omigosh, that is SO FUNNY!

    …being told you are on complete bedrest, and only to get out of bed to use the restroom or get something to eat…and all of a sudden coming up with all these compelling OTHER reasons to let your feet hit the floor!

  • Oh yes… lol!

    I carried twins and the shapes my tummy would be pulled into when they fought…

  • mine is the gradual transition from being awake enough to walk safely to and from the bathroom in the middle of the night until the beginning of the 3rd trimester when I got more and more tired and now I have to hold onto everything for support and am constantly bumping into things or tripping over the dog. It’s also the only time I’ll ever be able to see my belly button inside out, since with my daughter it was still nice and deep when she was born, but this one is ALL IN FRONT and that equals= flattened belly button..

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